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Cats Eye Crystal Chunk

Cats Eye Crystal Chunk

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Cats Eye is a semi-precious stone with a pink or red color.

Smooth to the touch, its surface is a testament to the quiet strength within. This unassuming gem harbors a silent power, grounding and protective like the vigilant guardian that prowls the shadows. As you run your fingers over its surface, you may feel a subtle pulse, a heartbeat resonating with the energy of the earth.

In the palm of your hand, the Cat's Eye crystal becomes a conduit to the cosmos, a tiny yet potent talisman that connects you to the eons of geological transformation and celestial wonders. It invites you to carry the essence of the mystical feline spirit, with its keen intuition, graceful movements, and the enigmatic ability to see beyond the veil of the ordinary.

Due to these being natural products the colors, shapes, sizes, and weights may vary. Our products are between 10-30mm and vary in size/price.

 This sale is for 1x Smooth (Tumbled) Cats Eye Crystal (As Weight Requested) 

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